The Advisory Committee on Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Individuals withDisabilities (Committee) is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that have providedexcellent work, needed knowledge, and important insights about the need for increasingcompetitive integrated employment for individuals with intellectual or developmentaldisabilities, and other individuals with significant disabilities.The Committee thanks the individuals and organizations that provided public comment ortestified before the Committee in its ten public meetings.

We appreciate the testimony fromcitizens and organizations. The testimony provided insights and information about realemployment successes, as well as the concerns of individuals with significant disabilities andtheir families. We appreciate the more than 2,000 letters, emails and personal video messagesfrom people with disabilities, and other citizens and organizations across the nation that helpedinform the work of the committee and its final recommendations.The Committee would like to thank the many experts and individuals who presented at theCommittee’s in-person and virtual meetings.

This testimony was vital to our work, and informedthe Final Report. Specifically, we thank Nancy Ward and Pedro Alba (supported by his brother,Jesus Alba, and his case manager, Eugene Gloss), Rob Cimera, John Butterworth, RichardLuecking, Meghan Jones (accompanied by her parents, Sylvia Jones and Robert Jones), LaVerneBuchanan, Sheila Foran and Regina Kline, Chai Feldblum, Kimberly Zeich, Jim Martin, BrucePhipps, Colleen Morrone, Gary Bond, Virginia Selleck, Len Statham, Ralph Lollar, Joe Ashley,Dale Matusevich, Steven Reeder, Andrew Reese, Linda Rolfe, Melody Musgrove, MarleneSimon-Burroughs, David Test, Tyler Hampton, Shelly Chandler, Gail Fanjoy, Carrie Morehouse,Janet Samuelson.The Committee also thanks Leann Fox, Susan Paranos, Delia Paranos, Ted Knuck, Alan Gill,Tina Ballard, Angela Hartley, Ann Wai-Yee Kwong, Angel L. Miles, Andy Arias, DanielMellenthin, Justin Harford, Mike Callahan, Therese Fimian, Gary Green, Connie Warren, ShaunWood, Joseph M. Macbeth, Lori Sedlezky, Ken Capone, Amy Gonzalez, Eric Ryan, WilliamHunter, and Tyrone Brown.The Committee offers its sincere gratitude to the Office of Disability Employment Policy(ODEP), Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Wage and Hour Division(WHD) for the financial and operational support that the offices provided to the Committee.

The support was critical to the success of this report. The Committee also thanks Secretary Perez andDeputy Secretary Lu for their interest in and support of the work of the Committee.

The Committee also thanks Department of Labor Committee staff. We thank Christopher Button,Bryan Ballmann, and Serena Lowe (ODEP), David Jones, Jenifer Kemp, Kim Vitelli and LauraIbanez (ETA) and Laura Fortman, Helen Applewhaite, Becky Ogle, Diane Dawson, RobinRunge and Samantha Sanders (WHD) for their expert support in helping guide the developmentof both the 2015 Interim and the 2016 Final Reports. The Committee also thanks Department ofLabor experts Joe Plick, Patricia Shiu, and Gerri Fiala for their testimony before the Committee.

The Committee thanks Anne Tillema, Morgan Easter, and Linda Metchikoff-Hooker foroutstanding event planning support as well as expert logistical assistance. The Committee isgrateful to the subject matter experts, Richard Luecking, Beth Keeton, Debra Luecking, LindaRolfe, and Lisa Mills who provided technical information and skilled writing assistance inpreparation of the Interim and Final Reports.

The Committee also thanks Jacob Denne and AliSayer from EconSys for their excellent work on both the Interim and Final Reports. Finally, we sincerely thank Jennifer Sheehy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of ODEP and theCommittee’s Designated Federal Officer, and Dave Berthiaume, Senior Advisor assigned to theCommittee, for their leadership and tireless work on the Committee, and for their deepcommitment to competitive integrated employment for individuals with disabilities.