Let’s try to understand if they are beneficial and not harmful to your health.

  • Portable aqua pills passing profile
  • Passing chance: 85%
  • Detection risk: 80%
  • Required time: 1-3 hours
  • Level of recommendation (1-5): 2-3

This way is among the oldest tricks. If you are in a hopeless situation, so it is worth it. You may get the risk of detection chance, but any other cheating way of quick passing does the same. Use it if you have no possible choices. Remember that you may always purchase special detox drinks, which are more helpful and have less chance to be detected.

What are potable aqua pills?

They are germicidal pills, using to purify water. You may easily find them in all drug stores. In most cases, they are used by campers, tourists for emergencies and everybody facing suspicious drinking water. So you may also find pills in camping store sections. They are not created to use constantly, just for emergency preparations.

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What action do they have?

These pills do an effective action to destroy bacteria and create this water safer for drinking. Usually, tablets contain iodine and hypoiodous acid, and also proprietary blend is known as TGHP. You need to drop two pills into little water amount for dissolving it. Wait for about thirty minutes, and water is safe for drinking.

The main ingredient here is iodine. Iodine is known as an oxidizing agent, using to beat a lot of drug tests. Iodine is a widespread adulterant, which has been used for many years.

Of course, potable aqua products just like eye drops can not delete drug metabolites from your urine sample. But it does not say they may not assist you with passing your urine screening.

How to beat drug screening with potable aqua

The preparation process and notice are the best techniques of passing your test. If you have collected enough information, which one test is coming up, stop any drug using and begin the detoxifying process.

But if you have no time for appropriate preparations and you are sure you have no chance to pass, this is your way. In this case, iodine may become your best bet. There are not so many chances of drug detection, but there are great chances of false positive results. You can easily fail thanks to urine sample adulteration.

How to pass your urine test in several hours

You should have minimum 1-2 hours of drug test notice. This is the greatest way to beat your urine screening with the use of potable aqua tablets. You may perform this in a few different ways, but the results are the same. Such pills are another format of iodine tablets. If you could not find the first one, you may surely use another. If you could find a pill, then use the liquid. Iodine may cause some health issues with too high doses, so you should not to overdo.

Drop two pills into a gallon of water in 2-3 hours before your upcoming test. Allow a storage tank to stay for thirty minutes with closed lit and then begin to drink it. Continue your drinking process just right before you pee for a sample. Some instructions may direct you to drink water gallon at night before the screening passing, but such a gap over 6-8 hours is just not advisable.

The idea is to perform the iodine presence in your urine sample. You also should give some time your sample to stay before giving for screening to dilute the iodine presence and reduce false positive chances. The iodine presence kills drug metabolites.

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