Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug sold under some names and brands, including Bayer Aspirin, Aspirtab, and Ecotrin that is commonly used to relieve pain and inflammation. Taken daily, aspirin can also increase the chances of surviving heart attacks, strokes, and possibly even cancer.

Please note that the aspirin discussed in this article is not the same drug as other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aleve, Advil, and Motrin. Aspirin products normally have the word aspirin on the label, as well as being the main ingredient.

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Ingredients Needed

A bottle of aspirin, which can usually be purchased for less than five dollars.


The popular method of using aspirin to pass a drug screen for marijuana involves taking a large dose of the tablets a few hours before the drug test. This method has been touted as a way to fool immunoassay urine drug screens by somehow obstructing the portion of the screening which detects THC.

Side Effects

Side effects of aspirin include abdominal pain, chest pain, convulsions, confusion, urinary retention, headache, tiredness, muscle tremors, vomiting, nervousness, indigestion, heartburn, and fainting.

Potential Interactions

The list of medications that aspirin can negatively interact with is staggering, with some of the main concerns being potential interactions between aspirin and arthritis medications, gout medications, blood thinners, diabetes medication, steroids, blood pressure medications, and anticonvulsive medications.

Scientific Evidence

With this particular cure, there is a complete lack of scientific evidence to support claims that taking aspirin before a urine drug screening will somehow mask traces of marijuana and its metabolites. The body metabolizes drugs into different metabolites, and there doesn’t seem to be a connection between aspirin metabolites and THC metabolites. The information that is present points to a rumor that a “testing insider” leaked this information as a flaw in immunoassay drug screening, effectively relegating this particular method an old wives’ tale. Taking aspirin will likely reduce inflammation and pain, but there isn’t any indication that reducing inflammation and pain can have an impact on urine drug testing.


Taking large quantities of aspirin can have serious consequences, such as intestinal bleeding, which can be fatal. Large doses of aspirin are never recommended.


Aspirin is probably one of the most accessible, least expensive home remedies that are just as dangerous as it is easy. It is extremely unlikely that aspirin can mask marijuana and its metabolites in urine drug screening, which is further evidenced by the complete lack of scientific data to back up this method.

Aspirin has interactions with such a large volume of medications, as well as having such a long list of serious side effects that it cannot possibly be worth attempting. Also concerning is the fact that some of the information calls for the use of “a large amount of aspirin.” In addition to aspirin’s potential severe side effects, aspirin taken in large quantities can have life-threatening consequences and may lead to coma or result in death.


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